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How one Chicagoan modernized her great-great-great grandfather’s beer recipes

Laurin Mack loves Chicago and loves beer, and she decided to share the story of Conrad Seipp’s brewing legacy and the beers that “built Chicago.”


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After Metropolitan’s Closure, Seipp Brewing Starts New Partnership To Revive 19th Century Chicago Beers

Laurin Mack relaunched Conrad Seipp Brewing Company in 2020, more than 150 years after her great-great-great-grandfather started the business in Chicago. The company’s beers will now be produced with Pilot Project Brewing.



Some Craft Breweries Are Returning to Their Roots After Going Big

Writer Josh Bernstein explores how many craft breweries are now retrenching and focusing their attention on communities close to home.


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The Lubricant for History

The beer debuted in 2020 and people who drank it loved it, a few even grabbing the meaning deeper than its taste. As Mack puts it, “In having a sip of Seipp’s beer, they were getting a taste of the city’s history.” For her, it was even more. She says, “Bringing back something that (Seipp) created was a very poignant moment for me.”


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Cheers to Chicago’s Very Own Golden Lager!

Laurin Mack, Owner of the Conrad Seipp Brewing Company, Doug Hurst, Co-founder and Head Brewer and Metropolitan Brewing, and Liz Garibay, Executive Director at the Chicago Brewseum, join John Williams…


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‘Chicago’s Very Own’ Golden Lager

Brewed for WGN Radio’s 100th anniversary, in collaboration with Metropolitan Brewing, Seipp Brewing and Chicago Brewseum. Cheers to 100 years with WGN Radio as Chicago’s Very Own, 720…


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Conrad Seipp Brews Again
Take a Swig of History with the Columbia Bock

Beer has a long history. Recently there was an entire exhibit dedicated to the history of beer at the Field Museum in partnership with the Chicago Brewseum that ran from November 2, 2018 to September 27, 2020. It revolved around the idea that beer transformed Chicago—Conrad Seipp is a big part of that story…


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A Beer for Chicago History Geeks

When it debuted in early July, the Conrad Seipp Brewing Co. was at once the oldest and newest beer maker in Chicago. The original brewery, which German immigrant Conrad Seipp founded in 1854, closed its doors in 1933 (thanks to Prohibition), but last year, Seipp’s great-great-great-granddaughter, Laurin Mack, teamed up with Metropolitan Brewing’s Doug Hurst to re-create Seipp’s Extra Pale, the most popular of the original brewery’s five beers…


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Almost a Century Later, a Classic Chicago Beer Makes Its Triumphant Return

For more than a decade, the former Michael Reese Hospital site and nearby truck lot have sat in limbo, waiting for possible revival as a mixed-use development or maybe the future Chicago casino. But before all of that, the Bronzeville plot was home to the Conrad Seipp Brewing Company, which was at one time the largest brewer in the United States. “In the 1870s, I believe it was the end of the 1870s, he was the number one beer producer in America…


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Bringing Back the Beer that Built Chicago

After almost 90 years, Seipp’s beer is coming back to Chicago. Conrad Seipp, a prominent 19th-century Chicago beer baron, founded one of the city’s first breweries in 1854, just one of a handful that survived the Great Chicago Fire. By the mid-1870s, the Conrad Seipp Brewing Company dominated the Chicago beer market and was, for a time, among the largest breweries in the United States…


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